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Character Designs:

$30/head bust

$100/single character design
$100/single character portrait
$400/character concept sheets (front, back, side, 3/4)


$250-$500 depending on complexity of scene, and number of characters.

1. Original high resolution files (.jpg, 300 dpi) and web-friendly files (.jpg, 72 dpi) will be provided.

2. Payments made payable via PayPal to

3. Half down payment is required before designing begins, and the rest will be charged upon completion of artwork.

4. Work-in-progresses will be provided regularly to show progress and receive notes/criticism.

5. Turnouts are 1-2 weeks.

6. Revisions after artwork is fully colored may cost extra depending on the requested change.

7. Commissions will be featured on this website, my facebook page, tumblr, instagram, and deviant art page unless requested to keep private.

8. The commissioner (you) will have the right to use and profit from the artwork.