Son of the Bat-Man commission

"Son of the Bat-Man" concept design commissioned by SigmaPoe 

Notes from the commissioner:

"Damien Robert Wayne,  son of Bruce Wayne and Bette Kane (original version),  discovered the truth of his father's life of being the hero known as The Bat-man. Being an industrious young genius with a strong sense of justice always pushed by his father to do better,  he created a new suit meant to improve his father's design.  He also created a belt full of gadgets,  as well as a cape meant to stand up against the high powered weapons more than flight.

The purpose of this is to basically do what Hal Jordan & Barry Allen did for Alan Scott & Jay Garrick. But, much like how the actual comics kept batman going forward, I wanted to have a continuing story.

Inspirations: The Golden to Sliver age reboots of Green Lantern &  Flash, Damien Wayne and Tim Drake. "